Book Review – Beyond Goodbye

I’m so pleased to share this book review with you. Please see page two for David Lorimer’s comments on Beyond Goodbye.


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Press Release: Simultaneous, Sympathetic Death – Mother’s dying symptoms felt unexpectedly from 5000 miles away

Press Release          Press Release          Press Release

For Immediate Release – For Immediate Release

 Simultaneous, Sympathetic Death

Mother’s dying symptoms experienced unexpectedly 5000 miles away


Canterbury, UK – 1st November 11


In England, American counsellor and author, Annie Cap was unexpectedly overcome by the symptoms of her dying mother.


In her final moments of life, Betty, in a hospital in Portland, Oregon, somehow managed to connect with her daughter overseas. At work, Annie suddenly began to choke. Coughing uncontrollably and finding it difficult to breathe she was forced to ask her client to leave. She telephoned her mother’s hospital room and when her sister answered she could hear her mother’s laboured breathing in the background. Although Annie didn’t understand what was going on, she realized immediately what had just happened – her mother had mysteriously linked in with her (attempting to reach her one last time perhaps) and had caused Annie to feel her dying symptoms.


This led Cap on a trail of exploration, to not only understand how it was possible that she had shared in her mother’s death, but also to find out if this phenomenon had been scientifically studied and experienced by others. The answers were startling. After interviewing leading experts in the fields of end of life phenomena and near-death experiences, including Dr. Peter Fenwick, a world-renowned neuropsychiatrist and Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in London and Dr. Pim van Lommel, known for conducting the world’s largest prospective study of near-death experiences during cardiac arrests in the Netherlands, Cap discovered that she had gone through all the same after-effects of someone who had “seen the light” although it had been her mother who had died. While the intensity of Annie’s experience was considered rather rare, Dr. Penny Sartori, another UK expert in Near-Death Experiences said, “Not only has Annie revealed a fertile area for research into the after effects of empathic death experiences but she has also laid the platform for others to come forward and talk about their experiences.”


 What happened to Annie is called, “a deathbed coincidence with direct linking,” “an after-death communication,” or, “an empathic or shared-death experience (SDE).” Regardless of what name is used for her experience, the results were the same; Annie’s life was changed forever. In Beyond Goodbye Cap candidly shares the amazing story of empathically experiencing her mother’s death, how she felt her mother touch her again afterwards and the many other startling and dramatic after-effects she encountered which experts say are all “normal” for any near-death experiencer – but Annie herself never died.  





Notes to editors:


If you require any images of the book cover of Beyond Goodbye: An extraordinary true story of a shared death experience or of Annie Cap and her mother, or wish to schedule an interview, please contact Annie via  or by telephone +44 (0) 1227 700598 or mobile +44 (0) 7815 076278. 


Annie Cap is the author of two books and a respected breakthrough coach and therapist. She specializes in using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), an extremely effective modern Energy Psychology therapy along with her own method she calls, “The Iceberg Process.” In her first book, It’s Your Choice: Uncover Your Brilliance using The Iceberg Process, Cap announced her findings that her clients’ repetitive choice of language was revealing unresolved issues and showed their subconscious minds’ preoccupation, ultimately keeping them stuck in the past. Cap’s theory and book is attracting worldwide attention and has been featured in national newspapers, magazines and radio in the UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, India, Australia, Sweden, Malaysia and Africa so far, including The Daily Mail and the CBS Business News On-line. Annie has lived in Kent, England for more than ten years now, has dual citizenship and currently works and practices in Canterbury, Petham and London. Prior to becoming a coach and therapist, she held high level positions as a telecommunications professional for close to twenty years. It was this former career which brought her to England originally to work in the City.


For further information contact:

Annie Cap

Telephone: + 44 (0) 1227 700 598 

Mobile: +44 (0) 7815 076 278



Clinic Location: Holistic Health, 62 Northgate, Canterbury CT1




Book cover of Beyond Goodbye releasing 4 November 2011

Beyond Goodbye: An extraordinary true story of a shared death experience (Paragon Publishing, £9.99, $14.99, ISBN: 978-1-908341-20-4, releasing mid-November 2011) 


It’s Your Choice: Uncover Your Brilliance using The Iceberg Process (Paragon Publishing, £15.99, $24.95, ISBN: 978-1-907611-20-9)  


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Turn your life around, naturally! (Article appearing in May 2011 Issue of Simply Beautiful magazine)

Title: Turn your life around, naturally!

Annie Cap is a professional therapist and the author of the book, It’s Your Choice: Uncover Your Brilliance using The Iceberg
Process. Here she shares her top tips on how you can turn your life around and live the life that you dream of

Annie Cap reveals how her simple and effective techniques can turn your life around

Q: Can anyone improve their life?
A: Yes, I believe everyone has the capacity to find happiness if they
are willing to change. To improve your life, you must be willing to alter what is no longer working for you, and that includes how we think and what we believe to be true. I’ve found “instead of creating
the life that matches our dreams, we create a life that fits within
our beliefs.”

Q: What negative cycles do you see people getting into?
A: Every sort imaginable. They range from the innocent-looking
rejection of a complement, nervous nail biting, self-critical
badmouthing (mental bashing), panic or even chronic illness to
outright dangerous substance and relationship addictions and abuse. These can include; food, sex, drugs, alcohol and exercise, as well as destructive habits of self-battering, shockingly aggressive self-talk and other forms of self-harm like cutting and bulimia. But often the common thread in all of them, is a lack of self-acceptance and self-love. There appears to be no end to the creativity of the mind when it comes to negative or self-soothing behaviour.  Negative patterns, conscious or not, can take any form.

Q: Why do so many of us get trapped in unhealthy mindsets?
A: This can be a result of conditioning, poor modeling from our
parents and family members, society, weak inter-personal skills and not being taught about the importance and power of our thoughts. Unhealthy mindsets can also be due to depression or mental illness. Often, though, our learned negative patterns, and beliefs for that matter, came directly from by parents who lacked the emotional intelligence to know any better. (Emotional Intelligence is a phrase coined by Daniel Goleman which involves being able to recognise how you and others are feeling). Unhealthy mindsets can also be formed by psychologically, emotionally or physically abusive partners and relationships including teachers as well as societal pressures and norms.

Q: Can you tell us a simple technique that everyone can try to become more positive?
A: Practising awareness and taking responsibility. Purposefully
raising your consciousness to recognise your self-depreciating,
diminishing and abusive thoughts, feelings and behaviour is the key to change. It’s important to become aware of what you say out-loud or in your head because “Your words should reflect your dreams and not your damage or unresolved issues” for things to change. You must become conscious of how you personally participate in keeping yourself stuck. Many, wrongly, blame others for their entire situation and neglect acknowledging they play a role, even if it’s just by allowing things to continue unchanged. We must take personal responsibility for what we see repeatedly appearing in our lives.

Q: How simple is it for people to change their behaviours for the
better, permanently?
A: Although sometimes it can seem near impossible and daunting, change can actually be easy – if you really want it and uncover how your negative patterns help you. Usually there’s an unknown, or even known, benefit to any negative behaviour, either currently or in your past. So to your unconscious brain it may not be negative at all! As humans we try to avoid pain, emotional and physical, at all costs. Once you uncover how your negative patterns might be helping you, challenging yourself to be truly honest, you’re almost there. This knowledge is empowering and can be the catalyst which allows you to choose differently. Learning to use modern positive energy psychology strategies like The Iceberg Process and tapping (EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, MTT, and Meridian Tapping Techniques) can raise your awareness and make change extraordinarily quick. With these and the decision to want to
change, it’s possible to break life-long destructive patterns and
beliefs that have held you captive.

Q: What aspects of our lives can be improved by changing our attitude?
A: Every aspect of your life can be improved by changing your
attitude! How you choose to feel about an experience makes all the
difference. Your dominant thoughts will be reflected to you in the
world around you. You hold the power, and that power is expressed
within your response. The feeling you decide to have about something, how you react, actually changes the chemistry within you. Deciding to see the good in something or the possible opportunity it presents, or simply deciding to be less affected by it actually can be curative. You can choose to be happy and deliberately less reactive. You should ensure your response is appropriate for today and not fuelled or intensified by your past.

Q: How does a negative attitude affect your life and those around you?
A: Negatively draws more of the same both to you and to those around you. Being negative means you’ll have more reasons to be negative coming into your life. Although naively a person with a negative attitude may assume their attitude has no impact or only affects them – they’re wrong. You affect everyone you encounter and even those you don’t as each of us contributes to form a mass vibration. Your attitude or your attitude’s energy is always influencing your environment and others. You have the power to uplift or lower another’s emotional and energetic state simply by your resonance which is equivalent to your emotional state often represented by your overall attitude.

Q: Do you recommend people visualise their goals?
A: Visualisation can be a useful tool for many but it is not essential.
What I recommend, even more, is the practice of defining very clearly what it is you want, understanding why you want it and thinking about (this may involve creative visualisation) what your life will be like when you achieve it. In other words, put some genuine serious thought into how you’ll know you’ve reached your goal. The most important part in my opinion is removing any ambiguity of what you want so you are sending out a clear message and it should be unmistakable to you when you reach your goal then. If you are unclear, how can you get there?

Q: What are the best ways to deal with traumas that may be holding you back and to move on from them?
A: Using tapping and my Iceberg Process is the best way I know to
clear traumas rapidly allowing you to find a new perspective and
create a better future.

Q: Do your techniques involve spirituality?
A: No, my techniques do not involve spirituality. However, they
involve elevating your awareness and being a conscious, active
participant in your life and what happens to you. Spirituality may be a pleasant and fulfilling side-effect of clearing your issues but it
is not necessary to be spiritual to use my techniques.

Q: How can your ideas be used to tackle stress and anxiety?
A: All of my strategies are about reducing the influence of your past
on your current life. They can be used to improve your overall feeling and this has a knock on effect on your every day experience. They are intended to make even difficult situations more manageable and generally elevate how you feel to allow your life to regain some of its wonder and magic. Stress and anxiety are aggravated or perhaps even created by your unresolved issues, experiences and memories, as well as any negative patterns and non-serving or unsupportive beliefs. Improving any distressful thoughts and memories has a direct bearing on how you feel about your present life. You can then truly be in the present, verses the present being tainted and subjected by your past.

Q: Can you give me an example of someone that has overcome negativity using your book?
A: There’s so many who the strategies in my book have helped. I’ve helped victims of abuse find peace, people with ME and depression recover, and women who’ve had miscarriages or lost a child find purpose again as well as veterans get over post-traumatic stress. My exercises in my book are used as well to help people uncover why they over-eat or stop themselves in business. It’s for entrepreneurs and business people as much as it is for those who suffer with chronic illnesses.
Q: How did you become an expert in improving people’s lives?
A: I’d say I became an expert in improving others’ lives by improving my own. I’ve worked to clear any challenging experiences in my past and any distorted or limiting beliefs that stemmed from these. This has allowed me to be a better channel and have greater insight into others’ behaviour and motivations. I’ve learned we all have a history but it mustn’t control us. Having cleared the influence of my past and being a natural communicator with a sincere desire to help others combined with a fascination with the science of health (the mind-body connection) allowed my book and natural wisdom and healing abilities to surface. I also had some guidance through meditation that lead me to develop The Iceberg Process. Perhaps I’m divinely guided. I have ten years experience helping people with simple to very complex issues. So experience is how I became an expert both professionally and personally. As well as studying and training in various energy psychology techniques.

Q: Do you really believe that everyone’s situation is their choice?
A: Yes, I believe we always have choice. It may not seem like it
sometimes but we do have some choice in our situation. Even if it’s at a subconscious level or only a partial choice, we are involved. My
experience with my clients shows we have much more choice than we might initially think, even in the most uncomfortable situations.

Q: Who would you recommend your book for?
A: It’s Your Choice: Uncover Your Brilliance using The Iceberg Process is for anyone who wants change in their life especially if you have struggled achieving results. It doesn’t matter what you’ve been through or what you want to improve or change, my strategies can help almost anyone because they work on your unique past and your personal beliefs. The exercises and techniques help release your fear and other heavy disabling and clouding emotions. It’s for people in all walks of life, all professions and it’s also an invaluable tool for other coaches and therapists, counsellors, other MTT and EFT practitioners and even GPs. It’s a great aid for parents to gain a better understanding the power and influence of emotions and building constructive beliefs.

Copyright ©Annie Cap

To contact Annie, email or call Tel: +44(0)1227 700598. It’s Your Choice: Uncover Your Brilliance using The Iceberg Process (Paragon Publishing, £15.99) Annie Cap_Simply Health Article_May2011

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Throwing rocks…and hiding hands


Throwing rocks … and hiding hands Written By: Marvin D. Cloud, 1-17-2011, National news

For the last two years, right-wing rhetoric, like the sign held by a Tea Party member (right) has lead this country on the path  to a boiling point. Yet, no one affiliated with the organization, radio-talk show hosts or even White Supremacy groups which sanction such hate talk, wants to take responsibility when their message is taken to heart.

When liquid is heated, if never cooled, it will, in time, reach a temperature where pressure will form bubbles. This temperature, normally 100 degrees, is called the boiling point. For at least the last two years, America the Beautiful, has been scarred by the use of insensitive and dangerous language by its right wing, which has not only divided, but served to spur this country towards an inevitable boiling point. And in spite of the finger-pointing and mudslinging in wake of the recent tragedy in Arizona, which left several Republicans resigning their posts, many citizens believe the worst is yet to come.

Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik was blunt: right-wing rhetoric, full of anger, bigotry, and hate has made Arizona the “mecca for prejudice and bigotry.”

President Barack Obama, who as the first Black leader of the country has had to walk a tightrope that often has his detractors confusing his meekness with weakness, was as usual, measured in his response the Monday after Jarad Loughner allegedly shot Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, killed six others and injured 13 more.

“Right now, the main thing we’re doing is to offer our thoughts and prayers to those who’ve been impacted, making sure that we’re joining together and pulling together as a country. And as president of the United States, but also as a father, obviously I’m spending a lot of time just thinking about the families and reaching out to them.”

These were the words of President Barack Obama. While Obama said the politically right things then, and later at a memorial service for the victims, it’s ironic that the same citizens who have consistently led this country on a path of destruction, now expect him to lead the U.S. in pulling the country together. At a memorial service held for the victims, Obama asked Americans to honor those slain and injured in the Arizona shootings by becoming better people, telling a polarized citizenry that it is time to talk with each other “in a way that heals, not in a way that wounds.”

The Telegraph wrote “Barack Obama woke up at the White House on Thursday to a chorus from America’s political class hailing him as having transformed his presidency by delivering an artful and heartfelt speech in Tucson.” However, immediately following, right wingers started criticizing everything from the opening blessing by Carlos Gonzales, a Native American,  to the camera angle used when the president talked about “the men that tackled” the shooter. One poster on Yahoo said she didn’t listen to the eulogy because she had to go “Obama,” not only a reference to his color but to the color of her excrement.

Eric Wattree of the Wattree Chronicle writes, “During the 2010 midterm election, Sharron Angle, Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate from Nevada, suggested to her supporters the possibility of relying on ‘Second Amendment remedies,’ an allusion to armed insurrection against the government. Sarah Palin told her supporters, “Don’t retreat, instead, reload.” Palin also put up a “crosshair map,” and one of the targets on that map was Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, the congressperson who was shot in the head and critically wounded during last Saturday’s shooting. … Now the Republicans are asking, “What did we do?”

Several Republicans in Arizona’s Legislative District 20, citing fears that local Tea Party supporters will now harm them or their families for not being conservative enough. However, this is the same party that staunch members of the GOP stood by, saying virtually nothing as they spewed their hateful rhetoric, dismissing them as harmless.

For her part, Palin, released a statement where she said, “In an ideal world all discourse would be civil and all disagreements cordial. But our Founding Fathers knew they weren’t designing a system for perfect men and women. If men and women were angels, there would be no need for government. Our Founders’ genius was to design a system that helped settle the inevitable conflicts caused by our imperfect passions in civil ways. So, we must condemn violence if our Republic is to endure.”

‘I want to put something out to the talking heads still busy inciting this. Whatever comes down from this, it’s on your hands. When you say, ‘Wipe them out,’ and sort of gently suggest that people do stuff…watch yourself, talking heads, this stuff is dangerous,’

-Whoopi Goldberg, The View, March 26, 2010

Joy Zarembka, the interim director of the Institute for Public Policy points out that fair warning had been given, but ignored. She recounts a March 26, 2010 incident on television’s, The View, when co-host Joy Behar, a liberal, and Elisabeth Hasselback, a conservative, agreed Palin’s cross hairs pamphlet had crossed the line. “After flashing the image on the screen showing Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) as a target, Whoopi Goldberg turned directly to the camera. ‘I want to put something out to the talking heads still busy inciting this. Whatever comes down from this, it’s on your hands. When you say, ‘Wipe them out,’ and sort of gently suggest that people do stuff…watch yourself, talking heads, this stuff is dangerous,’ she said. Hasselback followed up her comments by saying, “I hope no one will take this literally and take this to an extreme but the chance is out there.’”

Some pundits who refuse to admit even a remote connection, say that today’s political climate isn’t any different from previous years and point to the election of 1800, when Thomas Jefferson squared off against Raymond Burr to prove their point. America’s leaders had refused to heed President George Washington’s advice in his farewell address, when he urged them not to engage in party politics. Washington, who had been unanimously elected twice, knew that it would lead to the dividing of the nation.

Annie Cap, an American author of It’s Your Choice: Uncover Your Brilliance using The Iceberg Process, and therapist, who uses words every day to “manipulate” her clients’ minds, believes Arizona was the victim of language. She’s been advocating “detoxing your language” for some time now and understands that words alone can provoke strong emotional responses and protective behavior in people.

Cap agrees with Obama that we must “talk to each other in a way that heals and not in a way that wounds.”  However, it’s not clear if that is what politicians want to do, even if the people wants them to.

Last November, a poll conducted by Public Religion Research Institute and Religion News Service revealed that four out of five Americans believed politicians lack of respectful discourse  is a serious problem. The Civility Project, launched in 2009 to promote such discourse, sent an invitation to join to all 585 members of Congress and sitting governors. However, by the time it shut down on Jan. 3, only three lawmakers had signed on.

  There is no doubt that Loughner showed signs of mental illness, and ultimately the failure to stop him lies with those who knew him best—his parents, teachers, and friends who failed to get him the help he really needed. But the problem with using vitriol like we have heard  the last few years is that no one ever takes people like Loughner in account—until something like this happens.

Article appeared in African-American News and Issues, Texas’ second largest-circulation newspaper. (Original link:–and-hiding-hands-.html )


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Press Release- Was Arizona a Victim of Manipulative Language?

Was Arizona a Victim of Manipulative Language?

Annie Cap, an American author and therapist, who uses words every day to “manipulate” her clients’ minds, believes Arizona was the victim of language. Just as President Obama said at yesterday’s memorial, Cap agrees that we must “Talk to each other in a way that heals and not in a way that wounds”. She’s been advocating ‘detoxing your language’ for some time now and understands that words alone can provoke strong emotional responses and protective behaviour in people.

Cap uses the power of language to stimulate emotional, mental and even physical healing. She announced in her new book It’s Your Choice: Uncover Your Brilliance using The Iceberg Process that the subconscious mind appears to be involved in our choice of language. When she realized her client’s words mirrored their disturbing memories and beliefs, she knew she could use them to help them. Then purposely adopting words that linked to their mental preoccupation caused by “personal trauma” (“iceberg words” and “iceberg memories” as she refers to them) she actively helps them release memories and associated feelings by bringing them into awareness and allowing them to be neutralizing.

However, she found too, these same words were innocently triggering feelings of fear, panic and defensive mechanisms. Words as well as imagery, sounds and other sensations are linked to our past. Karl Dawson says “Neuroscientists estimate that up to 99% of our daily actions are governed by the powerful subconscious mind”. Cap wishes to remind us that “Language is powerful and society needs to use it responsibly.” She says “Perhaps it’s time to step backwards to a less defensive and aggressive era – pre 9/11 and re-assess the obsession with violence”.


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Author Event

Author Event

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Success with The Iceberg Process (Feature Article Canterbury Times)

Canterbury Times  Thursday, October 21, 2010   Feature    My Canterbury Tale

How to change your life by not using negatives

Tip of the iceberg: Petham author Annie Cap says you are what you say

AMERICAN-born author, coach and motivational speaker Annie Cap, 49, has found huge success with The Iceberg Process. She says changing the way you speak can cure phobias and depression. She has even written a book called It’s Your Choice: Uncover Your Brilliance using The Iceberg Process.

NERISSA BLOWER of Canterbury Times ( tried to find out if it works…

Explain the Iceberg Process. Some people say you are what you eat. I say you are what you say. I have worked with people who have phobias and getting rid of negative words helped them to deal with their issues. I try to find significant factors in people’s speech. If someone has a fear of snakes, say, they may use the word ‘slimy’ a lot. I would encourage them to remove this word from their vocabulary. I call these ‘iceberg’ words. They are acting as a sonar for the mind. Remove them and you can isolate negative experiences and destructive beliefs from the subconscious. I’ve had all kinds of clients, from top executives to housewives. Anyone can benefit.

It sounds all American to me. I actually come from Seattle, Washington, in the USA – home of Microsoft, Boeing, Frasier and Starbucks – and now have dual citizenship after working in the UK and marrying a wonderful Englishman. I was working in the telecom industry in sales but wanted to transfer overseas. I had a lust for exploring and wound up in London in 1998 with the Cable and Wireless company.

What was it like? I was really shocked at how different Britain was to America. The social norms, language, food and shopping were all different. Stores closed really early and I found it amazingly difficult to do things. At work when I was taking notes people were surprised I called my notepad a tablet. I even wrote down words and phrases I didn’t understand. It came to 400. I grew up on the West Coast where we always had beautiful fresh food. When I saw my first Iceland store with everything frozen it was just weird! It was certainly a difficult transition.

What started you writing? I always thought I would write a book and that I would probably write something about our family history. After 18 months in England I woke up one morning really early and just started. I reached 90,000 words very quickly. People were amazed because it usually takes at least a year to write that many words.

What books have you written? I’ve written They’re Close, about what happened during and after my mother died in 2004. It’s strange, I had almost a better relationship with my mother after she died; I didn’t get a chance to be with her at the time of her death. One day, when I was with a client I started gagging and was unable to catch my breath. I called my sister and could hear my mother coughing in the background. It was like she wanted me to be there.

Have you ever seen a ghost? It’s extraordinary. I used to be a bit of an Atheist and rejected faith when I was young, even though I was raised a Catholic. But after my mother’s death, I felt like she came back and touched me. I feel we can go beyond our physical bodies.

What else have you written? I am a third of the way from finishing a book about recognising divine inspiration. It’s for artists, writers or anyone who procrastinates. They get an idea but they can’t quite do it, such as going on stage or writing a book. The book is about making people aware they have this inspiration and nudges them in the right direction.

Have you met anyone famous? I have a lot of famous clients, singers, actors, actresses, editors of books, magazines and a couple of board directors, but obviously I can’t name them here. I’m also in contact with some authors on Facebook including Karl Dawson and Miceal Ledwith, who has also starred in a three movies. I’ve had a few endorsements including Sue Stockdale, who was the first woman to ski to the North Pole, and Tammy Weis who is a jazz singer nominated for London’s Best Female Vocalist 2010.

Do you get star struck? I did at first but it feels wonderful they are allowing me to guide them. When I’m talking to them as clients it makes me think that in a way we are all the same. I feel honoured they want to speak to me.

Do you come from a big family? Yes. I’m the youngest of seven, four brothers and two sisters. My dad, who is 86, still lives at home. I try to see them once a year but I’m really established here. I think of Petham as my home. I miss the depth of friendships I have in America and special family events but I usually go back in January, when ticket prices are cheaper.

How did you meet your husband? Strangely, I met Simon on my second job in England, working for a mobile phone Sim card company. I was training in Germany and he was the head of marketing. Our eyes just locked. One of our friends took a photo of us just staring at each other. We have been married for six years and have an adopted cat called Tino.

What are your hobbies? I love skiing, scuba diving in the tropics, photography, yoga and gardening. I also love entertaining and having people over to dinner. When I haven’t been writing I paint, usually abstracts, portraits of American Indians and butterflies. I don’t watch a lot of TV but I’m really into Masterchef, Grey’s Anatomy and Frasier. There are probably 1,000 books at home. My favourites include The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield and Eat Love Pray by Elizabeth Gilbert.

What happened to your sales job? In 2000 I decided to re-train as a holistic therapist. I thought I had left the high tech arena behind but in many respects I didn’t; the body and mind are as high tech as it gets.

Annie Cap will be at Waterstone’s book shop in St Margaret’s, Canterbury, on Thursday December 2nd to sign copies of It’s Your Choice (Paragon Publishing £15.99, ISBN 978-1-907611-20-9). She has lived in Kent for 10 years and practices in Canterbury, Petham and London. She has a clinic at Holistic Health, 62 Northgate, Canterbury. Call 01227 700 598 or visit

Family gathering: Annie Cap, age two, on her mother Betty’s knee, left, Christmas 1962 with her six older brothers and sisters.

Original link: http://www

Link to for the book:

Link to for the book:

Link to Internet TV interview of Annie Cap discussing her book with Michael Robey of AwakenTV: Http://


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